Como actualizar el Registro Nacional de Turismo en Colombia

El gobierno nacional junto con el ministerio de Turismo, Industria y comercio al fin se va a poner pilar a perseguir los operadores de turismo ilegales, los cuales abundan en San Andrés.
Yo personalmente junto con Ashotel y ANATO le haremos la guerra legal a todos los operadores ilegales y parahoteleria.
A continuación compilo los pasos que YO tome...

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This is really shitty news for some.

Due to the turmoil the Nicaragua/Colombia litigation made, now the Colombian government is subsidizing a big chunk of the airplanes tickets to Providencia in the government's own airline Satena. Prices run for as little as $250.000 COP round trip.
Thanks to that, now the Catamaran and the other Airline that served Providencia are going out of...

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Here we go again.

Once again the debate whether we are close or far from downtown has come up. Believe or not I take the time to read post on forums, online travel agencies and personal blogs about the island and specially about our hostel.
This debate has been going ever since we started the hostel and although everyone is entitled to their opinion we try so hard...

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