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Colombian money is confusing even for Colombians due to a relatively recent change of the bills.

First lets start with punctuation

We use a comma for cents. eg. Fifty cents = ,50 (we no longer use cents, but is good to know)
We use a dot for thousands. eg. One thousand = 1.000
We use an apostrophe for millions. eg. One million = 1'000.000

Keep in mind that this article is not historically accurate, I'll talk about the people or things in the coins and bills on a very superficial level


Coin are used a lot on daily life, we currently have 2 sets of 50, 100, 200, 500 coins and one set of the  1.000 pesos coin

 Denomination Comment Old  New Picture
 50 This is the coin you give as change when you hate someone and you want to screw them over, the only reason this exist is to annoy businesses. SIlver looking coin with a Colombian coat of arms and a big "50" on the other side  Has an animal that look like a polar bear, but is in fact spectacled bear.  
1.000   If you find an old one, keep it. it however doesn't have any value nowadays, government phased it out because it was too easy to counterfit. This is our most good looking coin   



Denomination  Comment Old New Picture
 1.000  Grossest bill you will ever lay hands on since is the most used bill for day to day operations.  Collectors item it features a guy whose murder incited one of the most violent times in Bogota   
 10.000   This one features the most badass Colombian woman, her name was Policarpa and she was a spy who died by firing squad while cursing the Spanish     
100.000 SInce the 3 years these have been in circulation i've only seen them 3 times, having one of these is like having a check, nobody will accept them, so make sure that if you are unlucky to get one you get rid of it as soon as possible   N/A

This bill features Gabriel Marquez, our Literature Nobel price winner, everyone knows who he is, but less than 10% of the population in Colombia have read his novels.

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