Is the Blue Almond right for you?

Before you book ask yourself what sort of backpacker do you think would suit you best; you can pick as many as you wish:

  1. Looking for a quiet stay
  2. Party animals
  3. Looking to hook up
  4. Backpacking couples
  5. Budget conscious backpackers
  6. Security conscious backpackers
  7. Flashpackers
  8. Looking for a smaller hostel
  9. Looking for a big hostel
  10. First time backpacker
  11. Seasoned traveller
  12. Family friendly
  13. Long term hostel stay
  14. Working accommodation
  15. Job or apartment seekers
  16. Groups
  17. Bucks / Stag / Hens parties
  18. Scuba, surf, kite surfer and/or biking enthusiast

    if you pick any or a combination of 1,4,5,6,8,10,11,12,13,16,18 the Blue Almond is probably a good suit for you.

    If you picked any or a combinations of the other ones, you are most likely not have a great time here, why? take a look at the house rules.

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    Important Information

    • Looking far into the future? Most of our guests are spontaneous travelers, so we only open up availability 1-2 months prior to arrival date.
    • We don't take 1 night bookings (they are not profitable for us) and we ONLY take online reservations.