Hi, my name it´s Jose Almeida I'm from Arévalo, Spain. Life moved me to South America 6 years ago to look for new experiences and horizons and ended up staying in this little piece of paradise I now call home named San Andres Island. I'm teacher, therapist, sport and nutrition advisor and I was traveling and living in many place around the world. although I love living in San Andres I'm always still thinking about my next trip!.


I hold a Elementary School teacher degree, a Bachelor of Science in Physical Activity and Sport degree, a Massage Therapist certificate and a Masters degree in Therapeutic Physical Activity.

I speak English, French and I'm currently learning Creole and Mandarin

Work Experience

While doing my studies I worked all the summers as a lifeguard on the Spain beaches, this job really work for me these years as I could be helping people, stay close to the sea and practice lot of sports and make new friends. Later, when I finished my studies I began to work as a teacher, therapist, trainer and sport and nutrition advisor since 2009.


I have travel extensively through South, North America and Europe currently high on my bucket list of places to visit is South East Asia specifically Cambodia.

My favourites places I had visited so far are Machu Pichu and the The Amazon jungle, if you have travelled around South America i'm sure we will have lots of common things to talk about!


I like reading in my free time and searching for new ways to develop myself. I impose myself the duty to improve my skills every day and i believe that why I really enjoy being a teacher. I think that as teachers we also go on learning every day and the life, itself, consists of life-long learning and the desire to learn and pass these leaning to students!

My other main hobby are outdoor activity and practicing any kind of sport, if you want to practice conversational spanish we could do a work out together in one of the many outdoor gyms around the island I'm always open to sugggestions!

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