As the backpacker movement makes their way more and more into San Andres and Providencia thanks to new airline connectivity a few problems and misconceptions have arisen. One of the most recurring ones is where to do laundry in San Andres.

We used to do laundries at the hostel for $1000 per item, but quickly realized that the profit was existent and that we rather save the water so we can give you clean sheets and towels instead of having pocket change at a loss.

The reason why doing your laundry in San Andres is disgustingly expensive is that we pay the highest electricity in Colombia, is so expensive the government subsidies 50% for household if we stay below certain kilowatts, if you go over those kilowatts we have to pay the full price and water is a very scarce resource, we are extremely dependent on the rain and 2015 is one of the worse years on record, we have barely got any rain.

Where to do laundry in San Andres.
There's only 2 places that we know of that do laundry in the island, one is located right in front on "Nene's Marina" right besides the newly open Subway, they charge $7.000 COP per item, yes, you read that right PER ITEM! (socks being one item)
The second place is quite hidden in a small shopping center only locals know, ask for the main Claro office and follow a little alley until you see them, they are the only ones that charge per kilo, but each kilo cost 10.000 and they ask for a minimum of 3 kilos per load.

Can I have a bucket and do laundry at the hostel?

AbsoFUCKINGlutely no. We currently only have 12.000 liters of water and 22 beds, which have to last us a week at least. doing your laundry in the sink is not only inconvenient for us, but also insulting to other guest.

Bottom line is we highly advice advice you to do your laundry before you come to San Andres, that will save you money and time that you can better spend exploring our island.


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