We always knew that running a hostel is not for the faint of heart, after 10 years of sweat, blood, laughs and tears running the Blue Almond hostel and catering to over 15000 people we decided to make a hall of shame to honour those who have made a mark in our life for better or for worse.

French girl who shit herself and blamed the dog.

Turkish guy who peed in the bed and blamed the ceiling leaking.

English guy who splatter blood all over the walls after a drama filled fun night.

Girl who got really drunk and blame Juan (the owner) for spicing her drink (she apologized later).

Irish Guy who masturbated in the dorm in front of 2 Mexican girls while being drunk.

English boys who smuggled hookers and got their wallets raided by the sex workers.

Racist Polish guy who wanted us call the police because there was "a black guy in the dorm" (FYI black people backpack too).

English girls who didn't know a shared dorm was shared with other people and made a scene.

Argentinian boy who tried to kiss Jenniffer (the owner) right in front of Juan (her husband).

Brazilian boy who slept with a few guests while staying with his girlfriend.































Update May 2019

Changed the numbers
added some people

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