9. Rip the rip off

You may actually have some fun making the "time share" sellers on the street lose their time and leeching a drink or two from a resort.

These people will approach you on the street inviting you for a drink and a tour at one of the resorts around the island if you are not interested you can politely ask them to go and hump a goat, but if you are bored and don't mind losing a couple of hours of you vacation visiting of the resorts tell them that you are highly interested on visiting the resort as you have heard wonderful thing about time sharing.

Make sure you fake real interest as you are more likely to get more goodies. These people will walk or pay a cab for you, they will hand you to another person who will give you a tour of the resort, make sure you tell them you are thirsty and that you would love a Piña Colada, don´t fall for the "we only have coffee or water trick" and try to trick them into letting use the pool.
Currently there are 3 time share sellers resorts in the Island. Success rates vary, an it really depends how good of an actor you are. You know you are good if you can get a buffet meal for free!.

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