6. Bumming at the beach

One of the beauties about Colombian law is that no beach can be private, this means that unlike many destinations in the Caribbean, in San Andres you have access to all the beaches available.

Spratt Bight also known as the downtown beach located in the northern part of the island, near the main hotel and tourist sector with a nice view of  Johnny Cay, this beach for the most part of the year crowded, specially over the weekend with tourist and locals.

San Luis Beach is located a mere ten minutes away by car or bus from downtown. This is an excellent option for resting in a more isolated and tranquil atmosphere, a nice place to bum around is the Paraiso Beach, located right in front of the Paraiso Restaurant. Also fairly close from this beach is the Rocky Cay Beach, a hidden beach which seems to belong to a big chain of hotels, but in reality and by law is not.   

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