3. Big Pond

If you like nature and don’t mind mosquitoes you will find the Big Pond a great place to spend some time. Although its name implies otherwise the the pond itself is not that big and can be surrounded on foot in about 15 minutes. One of the main attractions of the pond is the little creatures that live in it; like caymans (Cocodrilus Fuscus) , the Swanka turtles and the hundred of birds that visit the pond everyday to drink water.

In the entrance of the pond there’s a lady who will try to charge you $10.000 COP to get in, arguing that his family owns all the terrains where the pond is; She is easily thrown off when you agree to pay her only if she gives you a legal receipt!.

Also be on the lookout for the friendly guides around the pond, if you do want a guide make sure you agree to a price before the start of the walk, otherwise you will be most certainly overcharged.

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