10. Make a local friend

In San Andres, making friends is not as difficult as it seems. Since we have been a tourist destination for so long; most, if not all local people are friendly to tourist. Best places to meet locals are Kella's bar, Caribbean, Extasis Club and Banzai Cocktail Bar and Swell Bar since these places are where we locals hang out. If you are a guy with an accent, play the "I wish I could dance" card, if you are a girl, just sit by yourself for about a minute and i can bet money on it that a local will be chatting with you in no time!.

Although i personally don't like it, there's a place called "aquarius" on the main beach where locals and tourist hang out, this is one of the few places in San Andres that opens everyday, you can sit on the beach and listen from their music without steping in.

Women: Keep in mind that dancing is a very important South American bonding activity, guys will take out out dancing without even having talked to you, this is normal and it does not necessarily means they are hitting on you.

Men: Do not lose your time with local women if you are wanting to be outside the friend zone. We are a small closed community and is rare for a local girls to hook up with a tourist.

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