Finding a nice spot for surfing might become difficult at times, especially if you are looking for a rather peaceful place or want to hone your surfing skills. San Andrés Island just waiting for you!. This place has six local surfers, which means that waves are never crowded.

The island offers a variety of locations where you can practice surfing. You can enjoy our beautiful and crystal clear waters of El Paraiso if you are a beginner. With a huge beach on this spot, you get a sandy bottom with short waves. It is perfect for learning the basics of surfing in a safe location where you can feel comfortable. This beach is great for longboarding and has many different peaks to choose from. At the Blue Almond Hostel we have 2 surfboards that guest use and this is generally the beach we send them to if they are begginers. 

Another surf spot is Yellow Moon, this pleace offers a great training for intermediate surfers. You will be surfing under a coral reef bottom keep in mind that you will encounter some sharp rocks on the shore and on the bottom, so one must be careful about this. This is reef that breaks to the left and right not too organized but the close out is nice for a drop and maybe if you feel comfortable you can try getting some air.

Jacobo Beach is a the only wave close to downtown, is a rather rocky location with a short left wave. Easiest way to get into the water is to walk on a man made barrier and jump as far as you can from it.

  If you are advanced surfer or are intermediate, you should go to Punta Sur. This beach has very sharp rocks and sea urchins, therefore it is only recommended for experienced surfers. Punta Sur is one of Colombian finest waves is a Left wave break along a coral reef pretty consistent and the ride can it is about 50 to 200 meters.  Wave is powerful and swimming from shore it is a bit far you have to be ready to face strong currents and about 300 meters to get to the lineup. 

It is truly a great experience in a nice and peaceful environment. You should come over to enjoy the best surfing experience, regardless of any level you are in. Coming over to San Andrés for an exciting surfing experience, is one decision you will be more than glad you made.

Best options to score good waves are: December to February, May, and June to August, you might want to check for the wind even thought most spots can handle some wind anything above 20 knots’ is just crazy. With waters at a year-round at 28 degrees Celsius (82 degrees Fahrenheit), beautiful coral bottoms, crystalline waters that you can enter without mask, and the occasional company of dolphins.

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