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Posada Nativa Ms Trinie
Jenniffer and I are happy to announce that we have adopted a "Posada Nativa" which in English is the equivalent of a guest house. The Posada Nativa initiative is a goverment program that helps local house owner open their doors to tourism. In the case of San Andres one of the prerequisites to be a Posada Nativa is that it should be run by local native people, however as many government programs in Colombia whoever makes the decisions thought that by making a flashy website, this would attract hordes of tourism to a posadas' door... WRONG. Posadas currently have a very low occupancy rate, horrible REVPAR and a lack of vision, which comes basically because the people running the posadas have little or no knowledge of tourism, segmentation, marketing, applied technology, customer service etc.
We will not be running the posada, we will only provide them with the tools and the training to make them more competitive these tools include, a website with online booking capabilities, reservation system software, a marketing and e-marketing plan.
We are doing this because we know posadas nativas give people who are interested in culture a chance to take a plungle into our amazing soon-to-be lost traditions, an on top of that we will help a local family increase their income therefore their quality of live.

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