Due to the turmoil the Nicaragua/Colombia litigation made, now the Colombian government is subsidizing a big chunk of the airplanes tickets to Providencia in the government's own airline Satena. Prices run for as little as $250.000 COP round trip.
Thanks to that, now the Catamaran and the other Airline that served Providencia are going out of business. The catamaran has officially announced that they can't compete with the prices and are going on a "charter basis" until they figure it out, if you ask me they will most likely pack and leave. Way to go Colombian government!.
Although this is great news for tourist wanting to visit Providencia, it is really bad news for locals when 2 medium sized companies go out of business. Also i would like you to mark my words, this government initiative will ruin Providencia as swarms of crappy tourism is now able to afford go to Providencia, which historically had been an expensive and difficult destination to go to.
So basically, if you want to see the last unspoiled Caribbean island left, hurry up, because it has its unspoiled days counted.

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