A gay-friendly hostel is not an establishment that serves exclusively to the needs of a gay customer. By its own terminology it’s a hostel that accepts the LGBT community openly and gives the same treatment than they would do to any other paying customer.

Some people criticize the need to use this type of terms stating that in this day and age it shouldn’t be necessary, but as long as the world doesn’t become a gay-friendly place completelythere will be the need to label the openness of the hostel towards gay customers.

It is also important to take in consideration the actions that the company performs internally in order to secure the advancement of the LGBT community by participating in campaigns and events that support the cause; and also through the equal treatment of their employees, which is why many are sure to include LGBT-related topics during the training their personnel has to go through, making sure they not only know how to deal with gay coworkers but also in case a close friend or relative comes out of the closet, and by granting equal rights to their LGBT staff and their significant others.

It is also imperative that the hostel advertise this as an open topic and has clear rules and set protocols about discrimination done by either staff or other guests.

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