The island of San Andres due to its small size and geographic location is definitely one of the lesser known kiting destinations and you might have only come across its name since its wind statistics in December to March are insane; let me tell you, staying during this time and you will be guaranteed to return home with a great smile after your trip.

The island itself is fairly isolated and from a geographical point of view much closer to Costa Rica and Nicaragua as to Colombia. Being isolated, it is spared all the usual problems of the region and as a Colombian promotion says: “the only risk is wanting to stay”; hitch-hiking by one of the vast number of golf carts on this island will be part of your habit to access the various kitespots available on this island. So it can be said the island is very safe, the people are very friendly, the Colombian and Argentinian tourists happily fancy a chat and compared to most other Caribbean islands you will find this place quite inexpensive, even for longer stays.

Despite its small size, the city in the north, el Centro, holds more than 60 thousand people, so if you were worried coming to a small island without any shops and parties you will be surprised by the vast things the island has to offer. So you are guaranteed, even in the odd one day when there is no wind you won't get bored neither during the day nor in the night. You should definitely try the kiting here before everyone finds out about this place!

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