Stefan The author of this article initially discovered San Andres in December 2012 with the intention of improving his Spanish and fine tuning his latest kitesurf tricks during the European winter. After having experienced the beauty of this island first hand he happily returned a year later; he spend in total three months over the course of two years in San Andres, of which he stayed for the majority of his time at the Blue Almond Hostel.

He claims that he particularly enjoyed the more homey atmosphere of the hostel, comparable to a shared flat with house mates, which especially made longer stays very pleasant. He is happy to see that the Blue Almond Hostel has started promoting kitesurfing in 2013 as he started donating his well earned money to windguru's advertisement platform, renting out Go Pro Cameras for making stunning videos from your kite and pushing his hot girlfriend Jenniffer to kite surf courses instead of going to a boring gym.

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