Everything is this section is outdated information, we are leaving it in the website as an historical archive

Tickets for this boat are no longer sold at the hostel, since the catamaran doesn't give us any commission on tickets sold, we used to charge a 15% fee to cover our expenses and to be honest We would have done this for free if it were quick and painless, but they are not very efficient when it comes to making a booking with them and we lose about 1 hour of our time doing it.

You can also contact them directly to this emails:

  • coordinadoradz1 AT conocemosnavegando DOT com
  • reservas AT conocemosnavegando DOT com

Or call them up to these numbers: +57(310)222-5403 or +57(318)347-2336 or +57(8)512-3675 or +57(8)512-3340 They also have a website which is updated seldomly with schedule and price information.

If you decide to send them an email recommend you are brief in your email as i have gathered that briefs emails get the fastest replies I advice you follow this format:

Subject: New Reservation Paris Hilton x 02

We would like to make a reservation for:

  • Paris Hilton, American Passport number 516A273252
  • Posh Spice, English Passport number 05REA84681


  • San Andres - Providencia: Viernes 13 de JUN
  • Providencia San Andres: Miercoles 18 de JUN

We will pay on the day of departure in CASH/CREDIT CARD.

It generally takes them 3 to 4 days to answer emails, but sometimes they just dont seem to answer at all.

Booking Online

As of 2015 the catamaran has started taking online bookings the slow 1999 way, you first have to fill up a form and then after a few days they will send you a confirmation if they have availability with a link to do the payment online which will be valid only for 72 hours, after you pay them, they will send you an email with the tickets. this way generally takes about 3 days from that we've been told by hostel guests.

  • Booking engine

Important Information

  • Looking far into the future? Most of our guests are spontaneous travelers, so we only open up availability 1-2 months prior to arrival date.
  • We don't take 1 night bookings (they are not profitable for us) and we ONLY take online reservations.