By Catamaran

The catamaran sails (MON, WEN, THR, FRI, SUN) and departs from "Tonino's Marina" dock and sails back on the same days. On high season (easter and x-mas) and on Carnival week (JUN) they sail daily and sometimes twice a day due to increasing demand.

Departure time (San Andres-Providencia) is at 7 AM and the return is at 2 PM.
At the time of this writing the round trip ticket costs $300.000 COP and a oneway cost $170.000 COP and takes 4 hours from San Andres to Providencia and 3 hours on the way back the reason it takes less on the route Providencia-San Andres is beacuse you are coming with the current.

Booking Online

In 2017 the company that runs the catamaran decided to join the 21st century and implemented online sales and bookings, this had proven to give people an easy way to check prices and availability on real time, however due to credit card fraud, most international credit cards are declined, so we urge you not to try more than once because although the card is denied, the reservation does goes through.

If your reservation but not your payment goes through, you can pay on the day of the departure, I do however urge you to confirm this via email/phone with them directly as i'm talking about the experience we have witnessed from many of the hostel's guest. Land Line +57(8)512-5003 Cellphone +57(318)347-2336 MON-FRI from 8-12 and 2-6 PM & SAT 8-1 PM

How far in Advance Should I buy?

The catamaran rarely sells out, however around carnival week, long weekends, Easter week and Christmas is better to secure your tickets way in advance.

Do NOT make a reservation in our hostel or any other property before having worked out your tickets, most accomodation providers in providencia (including us) have few beds and cancellations and no shows are a pain to deal with, also please be aware of the catamaran departure days as explained above before booking.

Can I get I refund?

According to the terms and conditions in their website you are entitled to a refund on some circumstances, please keep in mind that if you are booking with us, you have the option to choose on hostelworld and Standard and non refundable rates, all hotels,hostels and guest houses in Providencia do not issue refunds on non-refundable rates. We suggest to take flexible rates in the period between the 15 November to the 15th of January.

About The boat and the trip

The reviews are mixed on this trip, some people have a wonderful time, while some other curse the day they were born; If you are prone on getting seasick I advice you take a Mareol or dramamine pill about 1 hour before getting into the boat, this pill will save your from getting dizzy and probably puking, but it will make you very sleepy.

8 out of 10 people agree that getting from San Andres to Providencia is way harder than the way back!.

In 2014 the same people from the Catamaran have acquired a bigger, faster boat. I have done the trip on both boats and although the newer one is comfier and has better AC, I think the old one doesn't swing as much. I advice you seat down in the middle back, that way you don't feel the jumping up and down of the boat, no matter how much you want to visit Providencia, as a personal experience do not take this trip with a hangover, it will make you rethink if its worth living if you do.

If you are easily disgusted by the thought, sound or smell of puke, be mentally prepared as for sure someone will barf on the trip, crew members will hand out plastic bags to everyone and tissues damped with alcohol in case the smell gets bad. This is what I call the Vomito Effect where people just puke because they are disgusted at the exorcist like scenes around them.

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Important Information

  • Looking far into the future? Most of our guests are spontaneous travelers, so we only open up availability 1-2 months prior to arrival date.
  • We don't take 1 night bookings (they are not profitable for us) and we ONLY take online reservations.