By Plane from San Andres

Two airlines flight to Providencia from San Andres with daily flights usually in the early morning and in the afternoon (3PM) These tickets can be bought in most of the travel agencies located in San Andres or directly at the airline.
Since the beginning of 2013 the government started subsidizing a big chunk of the fare, this obviously made the price of the ticket go down significantly. As of June 2015 the The cost of these airplanes tickets round trip is around $330.000 COP

Flying with Satena.

Out of the 2 airlines, Satena is the only one that's bookable online, the website is all in Spanish, but if you have booked a flight with any other airline in the world, I'm sure you can figure it out as it follows standard usability practices up until the payment where the credit card's expiration date is backwards.


This information it taken directly from the Satena's intranet, this is subject to change, I recommend you check the schedules directly with the airline first before making any plans.

San Andres-Providencia

Providencia - San Andres

In low season Satena offers two frequencies between the islands, in high season they increase these 2 frequencies by one or 2 more without any kind of previous notice. The plane takes 15 minutes to get there.

Flying with Searca.

Searca is a charter company that has been hired by Decameron to transport people staying at the Decameron managed hotels, you cannot book this airline online, you can however book it in any of the recognized travel agencies in San Andres or in the Decameron office located at the airportl. 


This information was taken directly from the Searca intranet, these schedules are subject to change, I recommend you check the schedule directly first before making any plans.


This airline still uses paper tickets, so if you are buying it over the phone/internet from another country or Colombian city, you'll need to arrange a pick up of the actual ticket or you can ask the travel agency to mail it(not recommended as our mail system is not the greatest). The horrible thing about paper tickets is that if you lose them, you are fucked, because Searca will not issue you a new one, also changing the dates in case that your plans change is close to impossible.

Flying with Grupo San German

I Have no idea who these guys are, this is a travel agency that poped up out of nowhere in December 2018 and started selling tickets to Providencia using the same charter company explained above, I was exeptic at first, but at the hostel a few guest have bought tickets with them and so far so good.

Their Website seems to have been coded by a monkey in the early 90's, but is easy to figure out once you get past the colours and the weird menus. 

How far in Advance Should I buy?

If you are certain of your travel dates, you should buy the tickets as soon as possible, both airlines generally sell out completely 1.5 weeks before any given date. Do NOT make a reservation in our hostel or any other property before having worked out your tickets to Providencia, most accomodation providers in providencia (including us) have few beds and cancellations and no shows are a pain to deal with.

Resident's discount

All legal residents in the island get a special discount on airplane tickets to the mainland and to Providencia as well as in the Catamaran this varies and is up to a 50% off, quite a few people have contact us asking on how they can get the residents discount on their flights/boat to providencia, this is an extremely stupid, borderline insulting question.

Unless you are a legal resident of the island you can't get this dicount no matter how much you try, PERIOD.

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Important Information

  • Looking far into the future? Most of our guests are spontaneous travelers, so we only open up availability 1-2 months prior to arrival date.
  • We don't take 1 night bookings (they are not profitable for us) and we ONLY take online reservations.