In the Blue Almond hostel we offer bounties for stuff we want and can't get in San Andres
Things we want Reward
1 German South American guide (proper one) 1 night free
1 gig by a Rock/cover band (intruments included, minimum 2 people) Stay free max 10 nights
Colombian Lonely Planet Guide in English Thank you Orlee! 1 night free
Colombian Lonely Planet Guide in Spanish
UPDATE: We really want this one. Thanks Tim
1 night free
Stickers mind condition ( Only skateboarding, surf of diving) Take you out for beer
British power converters 10% off
PS4 or PS4 VR games (can be used, but original). discount depends on the game
Picante de la viuda from Mexico. Beer
Classic or cult DVD movies (Original). Beer
Very good graffiti, manga or any type of urban art artist.
(We would need to see pictures of your work)
Thanks a lot Stinkfish
, Thanks a lot Paola Delfin and Asone and Bocese
Stay free max 10 nights
Another artist who can top the previous artirst, we still
have a lot of white walls. (we would need to see pictures of your work)
Stay free Max 10 nights(negotiable)

Translation of the whole Blue Almond hostel website to a different
language. (Translation has to be handed in before arrival)
German, French. We are no longer accepting translation, it was a pain 
in the butt to keep them up to date.

Stay free max 10 nights

Lonely Planet/Bratd/Rough Guides in English (whatever country, new or used)
So far we have: Cambodia, Ecuador, Germany, peru
1 night free
Canadians. President Choice Decadent chocolate Cookies.
UPDATE: So far i have given 3 of my firstborns!
Thanks a lot Canucks, keep them coming. yum yum!
My firstborn
Acrobatic bar tender Free nights (Depends on your skill)
Carpenter (cabinet maker) to teach me some stuff Free nights (Depends on your skill)

More bounties to come.
-Some bounties do not apply in high season for obvious reasons (December, Easter, long weekends).
-Bounties are subject to availability.
-Free nights are based on dorm beds and for one person.
-We reserve the right to make up conditions on the bounties as we go.

If you think you have what it takes to collect one of our rewards please make your reservations, make sure you write in the comments you are going to apply for a bounty, so we don't charge your credit card for the full price.


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Important Information

  • Looking far into the future? Most of our guests are spontaneous travelers, so we only open up availability 1-2 months prior to arrival date.
  • We don't take 1 night bookings (they are not profitable for us) and we ONLY take online reservations.