Things We DON'T offer.

Hot showers.

Everybody knows that Hot water makes you saggy and unattractive, in the Blue Almond We care about your looks, besides there are proven studies that cold showers improve circulation, relieve depression, increases testosterone and fertility therefore manliness overall. On a serious note, implementing a hot water system would be expensive and underused since according to the average temperature is 26 degrees celsius.



For what we charge for night and in order to stay profitable, We would have to give you a very sad repetitive breakfast, We are talking industrial juice, fake sausages, soy milk and pigeon's eggs and on top of that we would make you wash your own dishes; so for the time being we have decided to stay away from offering breakfast, instead we offer you a bad-ass kitchen with all breakfast making utensils and a convenience store only 45 seconds away.

Expectacular Views

All Some of our rooms have great big windows overlooking white walls and a patio, don't expect fancy sunset views.
UPDATE: Now 2 rooms have views to our great mural. Take a look here


Special Requests

If you want flowers and a bottle of wine on your girlfriend's bunk bed, please keep in mind that we will laugh behind your back and politely tell you that we are not that type of place. We don't do ANY kind of special request that includes radio/tvs in the rooms, flowers and all that non-sense.


Air Conditioning

Did you know that San Andres pays the highest Pesos per Kw in Colombia? That is why the government subsidies 60% of everyone's electricity bill, yes, everyone from hotels to the average Joe. The electricity here is generated by gigantic German Diesel generators, this Diesel comes by boat from mainland Colombia which makes it more expensive and ultimately this reflects on the electricity bill, therefore if we installed AC units We would have to pass the bill onto the rates and stop being the cheapest hostel in San Andres and become just another hotel with suites and room service.
UPDATE: The Colombian government is about to pull the plug on this subside, read the news here (spanish). If this goes through most hotels will copy us and install fans instead of AC units! We rock!, so do fans!.
UPDATE 2: The government didn't pull the plug, because the whole Nicaragua/Colombia incident.

Good Water Pressure.

The way households in San Andres are designed is incompatible to water pressure since we don't get a constant flow of water from the water company. The way it works here is complex, yet simple to understand.
1. We catch rain water and store it in a underwater cistern (sometimes the water company pumps water and we store it there too).
2. We put some chemicals on that water so it doesn't go bad.
3. We pump that water to water tanks over the house.
4. When you open a faucet or take a shower gravity does it's job, therefore, the higher the tanks the more pressure you get.

Our tanks are only about 3 meters high and have no plans to make them higher.

Things We offer.

Unlimited diving tanks

So you like diving?, so do we.
That is why we have score a deal with my good friend from Blue Life Dive shop to offer our guest unlimited dive tanks, just bring your own equipment. For practical reasons and safety we don't keep the tanks in the hostel, just request them a day before your dive and we will have them in the hostel at night.

2 Free-to-use surfboards.

Nothing fancy here. I learn to surf on these ones, so they are pretty beaten up and old, but you will still able to do some awesome surfing on these boards if the waves are on your side. Check our map for surfing spots.

Wireless Fidelity

We offer FREE WiFi and 2 hot spots. I know this is not a big plus in other places, but San Andres only got broadband in the year 2011. As of March 2014. Providencia Island still doesn't have any.


Big kitchen

Bad-ass kitchen with appliances, crockery and cutlery available. We even have a blender and a sandwich maker.
We don't have a microwave and never will. We personally HATE microwaves.

Late Checkout

If no one is coming to the room where you are staying in, on the date that you are leaving, We have no problem to do a late checkout or early check in for you.
Note: Please keep in mind that if you are arriving on that 3.20AM LAN flight we will NOT do an early check in for you as we find it abusive. The earliest we will take you at the hostel would be 10 AM, previous arrangement required.

Payment on Arrival.

You'll be charge upon arrival for the whole stay you reserved. We accept Cash (USD, Euros or Pesos), Visa, master Card, Diners and Bit/lite coin.
People who made reservation on non-refundable rates most likely have been charged  within 48 hours of reservations being made.

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Important Information

  • Looking far into the future? Most of our guests are spontaneous travelers, so we only open up availability 1-2 months prior to arrival date.
  • We don't take 1 night bookings (they are not profitable for us) and we ONLY take online reservations.