Diving accidents/incidents in San Andres.

As a diver you are aware that most accidents can be avoided by using your training, if you haven't dived in a while, is wise to take a refresher course, I personally think refresher courses should be mandatory for people who haven't dived in the last 6 months, is easy to argue that certifications last for life, but as everything in life skills become rusty with disuse.

Fortunately in San Andres diving accidents are a rare occurrence, nonetheless the few accidents there have been in the last few year have been due to negligence by all of the parties involved, if you don't feel comfortable on a situation bring this to the attention of the dive instructor or person in charge. Always dive with a reputable dive school, the fact they are "cool" or "nice" doesn't make them good. check the PADI website to make sure they are indeed certified. Ask dive instructor for their Instructor ID number, don't be shy, is your life in the line.

If you are certified you know that you have to check your equiptment  here's a quick reminder in no particular order.

  1. Check that all the features of the BCD are working.
  2. Check you have the right amout of weights.
  3. Check that all valves are on zero.
  4. Check the tank has air and that is properly strapped to the Octopus and to the BCD and that the valve is open.
  5. Check your air on land with 3 big breaths, if it tastes funky or you have difficulty sucking the air change tanks,
  6. check if the mouth piece of your regulator is not broken or not properly attached, if so, change it.
  7. check the straps in your fins and mask for wear.

Use your common sense and as I heard somewhere “Don´t turn off your brain when you turn on your dive computer.”

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