We have compiled and categorized a bunch of places to eat in San Andres. Depending on your budget make sure you check them out!

Low Budget

Donde Pochet: Fast food restaurant with a surprisingly large menu

Hot dog stands: You will see lots of hot dogs stand in the form of trucks (similar to ice cream trucks) everywhere around town, they are cheap, unhealthy and pretty good.

La Cordobesa: Very famous Deep fried parlor, it specializes in egg patty "arepa de huevo" and Yuca Carimañolas. is right behind the police station.

Arepas stands: As you stroll around you will see a lots of Arepas stands, these are corn arepas usually filled with delicios things like cheese, ham, chicken and beef.

Donde Aristi (front of the barracuda): Famous for its natural juices and cheap sandwich.

Donde Lulu: Small menu restaurant, ideal for a cheap lunch.

El Parqueadero: Av 20 July front of Supermarket Super Todo. This is where the working class goes for lunch.

La Fondita Isleña (diagonal antiguo modelo adventista): I have actually never eaten here, but Fabian insisted that we put it in the list

Paradise restaurant (Front of the sunrise beach hotel): Not to be confused with the "Restaurante el Paraiso" this one offers 2 course meals for cheap prices.

Medium Budget

Captain Mandy: Seafood budget restaurant, the owner is the brother of the owner of the Regatta Restaurant, plates are pretty much the same, but in a less romantic setting and way cheaper. This is one of my favourite places and I highly recommend it.

Miss Celia: Typical food and not overly pricey.

Fishermen's place: Also typical food, the location and the food of this place are great, plus the prices are really good for the side of the dishes, they offer a lot of islander food like Crabsoup and Rondon aditionally you can pick your own fish to be fried for you.

Interstate 80's: American 80´s themed restaurant with a decent menu. Go for the ribs.

Lupita: Mexican themed restaurant, the food here is not what you would expect as the prices are higher than the portions you actually get, noneteless is still suitable for a medium budget backpacker.

Banzai: Banzai is run by a good friend of us, they are famous for their sushi thursdays and their Nachos which are gigantic and feed 2 people.

West View: This one is right by the natural pool AKA West View as the 2 restaurants above West view offer typical islander food.

Sandwich Cubano: Cuban Sandwich are basically the mother of all sandwiches, think of Subway, but Cuban version.

Sea Watch Cafe (Casa Blanca Hotel): This is a very nice cafeteria right on the boardwalk, their menu is pretty good, but the portions are not very filling

Mahi Mahi: Right by the Sea Watch Cafe it offers colombianized Thai food at not so reasonable prices.

High Budget

Gourmet Shop Assho (Besides the Barracuda): As it name implies this is a gourmet restaurant with an insanely big menu and pretty steep prices, great for a night out as they offer a big wine menu. On Saturdays they generally have live music.

Donde francesca (formerly "El Pirata"): You can't beat the location of this restaurant as its right on the San Luis beaches plus the food is amazing.

Restaurant el Paraiso: This is one of my favorite restaurants of all time, the food is all right and the beach is simply amazing.

South End or Punta Sur: As it name implies this restaurant is located on the southest point of the island, if you are a fan of watching amazing sunsets this is the place to go. This was formely owned by an artist and the art work left there is simply amazing.

La Regatta: A dreamed dinner in the middle of paradise Where the wind and sea bring the sailors to enjoy the pleasures of the magic and charm of the Caribbean........... Don't be confused by their cheesy lines, this is an excellent and romantic restaurant. It is build right on the ocean and offers a great panoramic of the main bay. Reservation required.

Don Anibal: This is a pizza place, just like any other except for its prices.

Oceans Gourment: This place is okay, they are very inconsistent with the quality of the dished, sometimes they are amazing and sometimes they are okay. Pasta and salads here are pretty good, but the slushies are the best.

Margarita eh Carbonara: Real Italian restaurant owned by a real Italian guy.

Cafe Cafe: This is yet another pizza place, with great lasagna and a big menu.

Presto: Presto is the Colombian equivalent of a McDonalds they offer what every other junk food place offer, but twice the price.

Sunday Mesitas

On Sundays many islander families in San Luis and La Loma take out what we call the "mesitas" which means "Little Tables" which are basically that, tables with fresh typical food made right in their houses. It is known that each "mesita" has their own specialty, it would be really hard to document or eat in all the mesitas as there's probably more than 100.

*Some restaurant are highlighted in blue as that denotes a link to their Websites.

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