Dear all,
Shit got real in Colombia with the coronavirus. On March 12th the government has declared state of sanitary emergency. As of 12th of March 2020 there have been no official cases of COVID19 in the island, however by my non-expert experience is just a matter of time that we get it.

What does state of emergency means?

  • All public gathering public or private of over 500 people are cancelled and forbidden. Including Football/soccer matches, concerts etc.
  • Ship ports for cruises have been closed except for Pullman tour leaving from Cartagena.
  • Certain nationalities who arrive after 00:00 hours of march 12th to the country will have to self quarantine for 14 days. As of now everyone coming from China, Spain, France and Italy will have to do this. If you can't do this you'll be sent on the same flight you arrived.
  • Hospitals/clinics won't be taking mild emergencies.


  • Wash your hands constantly.
  • Avoid unnecessary contact like hand shaking, hugs and high fives!.
  • Fist bump, elbow bump, nod, raise your eyebrows, bow, do a peace sign or find creative ways to say hello.
  • Avoid large crowds.
  • Practice proper sneeze etiquette, specially in areas where there are other people..
  • Postpone your trip if you are traveling from Europe.

We have set up a desinfecting station at the hostel in order to do our part to help slow down the spreading of the virus, which by some estimates We will all get at some point and will kill 3% of us.

Good luck and safe travels.


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Important Information

  • Looking far into the future? Most of our guests are spontaneous travelers, so we only open up availability 1-2 months prior to arrival date.
  • We don't take 1 night bookings (they are not profitable for us) and we ONLY take online reservations.