Crazy Dog Old Lady

If you have ever seen the Simpsons, you are familiar with the crazy Cat Lazy, some fictional crazy ass old lady who mumbles and yells while she throws cats to people.
Crazy Dog Old LadyRight by the Blue Almond Hostel, we have a similar lady. She doesn't own any cats, but
  1. She mumbles
  2. She looks crazy
  3. She's Old
  4. She owns 8 dogs
To make the insult even worse she has name them...

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I have a secret admirer 100% awesome

I just got this on my email from the hostel website, awesome! Besides funny she or he sounds Japanese!
This is an enquiry e-mail via from:
I like you so much!!
I love stay 2 nights in de hostel; one for to meet you and the other lets leave to the imagination (one night to hot with you)
when you have availability??
let me

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