It took us a while, but i think we finally managed to finish a 101 things to do list in San Andres. Keep in mind that they are not organized in any particular order and most of them cost money.


  1. Go Snorkeling.
  2. Visit The Blow Hole.
  3. Visit the Big Pond.
  4. Listen to Gospel music.
  5. Jump at Morgan’s Jump.
  6. Go beaching to any beach.
  7. Go window shopping.
  8. Visit Rocky Cay.
  9. Jump from the rocky cay boat (not recommended)
  10. Take a free hotel tour.
  11. Make a local friend.
  12. Go to Johnny Cay.
  13. Go to Cayo Bolivar (Restricted as of 2016).
  14. Go to the Acuario Cay.
  15. Go to Haynes Cay.
  16. Eat at Bibi's Place in Haynes Cay
  17. Eat at the Fishermen's Place.
  18. Snorkel in the Acuario Cay.
  19. Go To la Piscinita (closed on sundays)
  20. Go to West View.
  21. Get certified as a Scuba Diver
  22. Go Scuba Diving.
  23. Drink a Cocoloco.
  24. Party at Banzai Cocktail bar on Gringo Wednesday.
  25. Rent a motorcycle.
  26. Rent a Golf cart.
  27. Take kite-surf lessons.
  28. Try exotic fruit juices at Aristi.
  29. Bike around the island.
  30. Have takeaway ceviche and eat it at the beach.
  31. Eat Rondon.
  32. Have drinks at Kella's Bar.
  33. Get your hair braided on the beach.
  34. Eat/hang out at Punta Sur Restaurant.
  35. Eat at la Regatta Restaurant.
  36. Eat at any of the restaurants on the San Luis Beach (Paraiso Restaurant, Donde Francesca or Star's kitchen)
  37. Eat at Captain Mandy (If possible get the Star Octopus).
  38. Eat at El Parqueadero restaurant.
  39. Kayak on Old Point Mangroove Regional park.
  40. Walk on Old Point Mangroove Regional park boardwalk.
  41. Go clubbing to Cocoloco disco.
  42. Go clubbing to Extasis disco.
  43. Eat crab soup.
  44. Eat a whole fried fish.
  45. Eat conch shell.
  46. Buy beers at Mickey Mouse and drink them on the beach.
  47. Go surfing.
  48. Walk the boardwalk from one end to the other.
  49. Ride the public bus.
  50. Ride a Mototaxi.
  51. Hitchhike with a local.
  52. Walk/swim to Rocky Cay.
  53. Snorkel around the big abandoned boat in Rocky cay.
  54. Watch the sunrise (east side).
  55. Watch the sunset (West side).
  56. Have cold coconut water at Bengué's bar.
  57. Snorkel to the sunken boat on the west side (Blue Diamond).
  58. Take a photo with Poseidon (at West View).
  59. Go parasailing (expensive).
  60. Eat crab patties.
  61. Try Journey Cake (local type of bread).
  62. Eat Ice cream at Miss Bibi (only on Sundays).
  63. Go up to the terrace of the Blue Tone hotel (Sneak in).
  64. Go to the Baptist church's (highest point in the island).
  65. Have a milkshake at Kikiriki.
  66. Visit the botanical garden.
  67. Do the flyboard (expensive)
  68. Snorkel at the sunken statues at Big Mama Bar
  69. Drink a cocktail at Big Mama's bar
  70. Go to Chamey's Nautica and Paddle board
  71. People watch at the boardwalk
  72. Visit the old folks home at la loma.
  73. Do the Swingboard thing
  74. Go to the Lord Pierre Hotel bar
  75. Go to the cinema (2 movie theatres)
  76. Go to the horse races (seasonal)
  77. Eat green mango with lime, salt and pepper
  78. Eat a burguer at Beer Station
  79. Go to El Nativo (Only opens on Sunday when there's a long weekend)
  80. Go to a boat party on white watta
  81. Go fishing
  82. Watch a Softball game in San Luis
  83. Go to a Basketball match in San Luis
  84. Go to eat at Mr Carrington (Slow food)
  85. Eat Bread Fruit

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