Traveling Finnish girls

Traveling Finnish girls
Jumping Finnish twins
We recently got a visit from 2 beautiful Finnish girls, unfortunately they didn't stay very long as they were only traveling for 4 days which they split between our hostels in Providencia and San Andres.
Although I'm a well traveled person, for me is always nice to share a conversation with people from different nationalities,...

We know best.

We know best.
Nice Souvenir to take back home.
Why is it so hard to trust our advice?
This is one of the many reasons we don't recommend taking Mototaxis in San Andres. We know they are cheap, but they can ruin your travels if you are not careful.
I'm sure they will love her in Japan!...

No person under 18 allowed PERIOD!

Today I got a funny/strange call from someone wanting to book a room.
This is how it went.
Caller: Hi, this is XXXX calling from XXX and we are wondering if you have any room for 4 people and what's the cost.
Juan: Hi, is 6 AM in the morning, can you call me later?
Caller: ok
7 AM
Caller: Hi, this is XXXX calling from XXX and we are wondering if you...

We are opening a hostel in Providencia

Yes, is true! We are opening a hostel in the beautiful island of Providencia.
We have been working on this for quite sometime, but couldn't find a business partner that didn't want to screw us over!
Our hostel there is a bit different than the one in San Andres, and unfortunately for the time being it won't feature a kitchen, however we have score...

Travel Bloggers wanted.

We are looking for charismatic bloggers who share our love for nature and who enjoy the simple things life has to offer.
Before contacting us please answer yourself these questions:
  • Are you a travel blogger with decent traffic* to your site?.
  • Are you coming to the island on low season? 
If you answered yes to both questions, give us a shout....
  • Booking engine

Important Information

  • Looking far into the future? Most of our guests are spontaneous travelers, so we only open up availability 1-2 months prior to arrival date.
  • We don't take 1 night bookings in neither hostel(they are not profitable for us) and we ONLY take online reservations.